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Welcome to the Nagios Plugin for Cacti project


This is the community site for the Nagios Plugin for Cacti (NPC).

As a long time user of Nagios and Cacti I consider both applications crucial to understanding the health of my network, servers, and services. The purpose of NPC is to be a complete web based UI replacement to Nagios while fully integrating into Cacti using the Cacti Plugin Architecture. The primary benefit is a single point of access for trending and alert monitoring.

Nagios is excellent at reliably determining the status of network devices and services and Cacti is great at managing trending data via RRD's. Because Cacti has an extensible interface via the Cacti Plugin Architecture and decent user management it made sense to stick with Cacti's user interface. Both applications have tools and API's available now to make an integration project like this possible.


  • A complete Nagios UI replacement integrated into Cacti.
  • A feature rich user interface developed with Ext JS.
  • A central location to monitor trending and alerting.
  • All NPC data is updated asynchronously via JSON.
  • Importing/syncing of hosts from Nagios to Cacti (N2C)
  • The UI can be customized on a per user basis.

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NPC 2.0.4 (GA) is now available.

Download NPC Now

NPC Starting Points

NPC Development

To check out the latest source via subversion use:

svn co npc


Billy Gunn (Divagater) is the creator and lead developer of NPC.

If you like NPC and want to help me with spending time on further development, you can donate via PayPal. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.