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A distributed system to retrieve and display information from multiple servers both in real time and logged,
for proactive maintenance of critical systems.

This open source project is in the early stages of development at the moment, if anyone would like to become a contributor for the project, please drop me a line with the subject "PIMMS" at thelastanomaly@…, if you are not spam, I'll respond!

To find out what stage the project is at, look at the Roadmap. A good breakdown of work is on the All Tickets by milestone page.
The subversion URL is

The project specification is here, the project maintainer is thelastanomaly and the Userlist is: here


01/07/08 Testing complete, 1.0 release!

27/03/08 Rewrite done, core functionality present, bugtesting / feature tweaking now.

20/03/08 Alpha stage over at revision (90), full rewrite based on design, 1.0 here we come!

27/11/07 Following discussion, formalised our coding standards

14/11/07 It's come to my attention that my pimms@… address
has not been working properly, changed email address thelastanomaly@…

12/11/07 Changed the forum engine

11/11/07 We get forum!


  • PIDv0-8.pdf (152.7 KB) - added by thelastanomaly 6 years ago. PIMMS Project Initiation Document (PID)