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The Official GISKismet Development Home

Welcome to GISKismet!

This is the official Trac service of the GISKismet Project. This service provides access to the bug tracking system, official wiki, and source code browser. For a quick review of Trac features, please see the Trac Guide.


GISKismet is a wireless recon visualization tool to represent data gathered using Kismet in a flexible manner. GISKismet stores the information in a database so that the user can generate graphs using SQL. GISKismet currently uses SQLite for the database and GoogleEarth / KML files for graphing.

SVN Access

To checkout the latest version of GISKismet from the subversion repository simply run the following command:

 svn co giskismet

To update svn to the latest version just run: svn update

Bugs / Feature Requests

Bugs and Feature Requests can be submitted using