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Installation Fierce v2

The modules can be installed using the following commands:

 apt-get install git-core
 git clone git://
 cd cpanminus
 perl Makefile.PL
 sudo make install
 cd ../

 svn co fierce2/
 cd fierce2
 sudo cpanm Exception::Class
 sudo cpanm --installdeps .
 sudo make install

You can use a script to install Fierce v2 is you like:

 wget -O
 chmod +x
 sudo ./

Fierce v2 templates can be installed by using the following commands:

 mkdir -p ~/.fierce2/
 cp -rf tt ~/.fierce2/

Fierce v2 can be updated via subversion using the following command:

 svn update 


To access the documentation for Fierce v2 use the following command:

 man fierce