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All of the documentation on the wiki and/or included in the release can be updated by anyone that would like to help. Please let me know if you would like to contribute. Simply send an email to: jabra [aT] - spl0it [-dot-] org


Anyone that wants to get involved with Fierce v2.0 should have some experience with programming. Hopefully, programming in Perl. This experience isn't required since Perl is similar to other languages like Ruby, Python and PHP.

To create a patch for Fierce v2 make sure that you have latest version from subversion. A patch can be created using:

 svn update
 svn diff > name-of-feature.patch

All patches can be submitted via email to: jabra [aT] - spl0it [-dot-] org


All patches should conform to the Perl Best Practices guidelines. If you are unsure about what that means use perltidy and the following perltidyrc file:

 mv perltidyrc ~/.perltidyrc

Now you will be able to verify that your code conforms to the Perl Best Practices via running perltidy on any files that you would like to change.

 perltidy -b fierce

Using perltidy -b will create backup file in .bak.