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(edit) @3421   8 hours nafraf

Update spanish.lng

(edit) @3420   22 hours philmoz

Add GetAdChValue? stub requested by waterwingz:

(edit) @3419   3 days nafraf

sx510: recreview_hold address found, DRAW_ON_ACTIVE_BITMAP_BUFFER_ONLY enabled

(edit) @3417   5 days reyalp

update indonesian.lng to fit alt help screen length requirements

(edit) @3416   10 days reyalp

llibtst.lua update for os.idir

(edit) @3415   10 days reyalp

add directory iterator os.idir to lua, to avoid need to have entire directory listing in memory
Usage: for filename in os.idir('A/') do ...

(edit) @3414   11 days reyalp

precision USB remote fix from waterwingz in - don't run in regular kbd process when in hp timer mode

(edit) @3413   11 days nafraf

a1400: Fix get_target_dir_name()

(edit) @3411   11 days philmoz

Update code_gen.txt for A590 100e with filewrite hook fix from changeset 3353.

(edit) @3410   11 days reyalp

fix for old cameras broken in r3408 from waterwingz in

(edit) @3409   11 days reyalp

protect _OpenFastDir and _closedir with fileio_semaphore on DryOS. Prevents occasional FsIoNotify? assert

(edit) @3408   11 days reyalp

experimental high precision timer for usb remote, from waterwingz in - not enabled by default

(edit) @3407   12 days nafraf

ixus860_sd870: Simpler loader

(edit) @3406   2 weeks reyalp

remove empty, unused lens_set_zoom_pos

(edit) @3404   3 weeks reyalp

s110 keyboard updates from c1oud in adjusted per later comments, removes KEY_POWER from keymap and mask, remove KEY_PRINT alias

(edit) @3403   3 weeks reyalp

change ubasic set_focus and set_mf to not return a value, from waterwingz in

(edit) @3402   3 weeks srsa

finsig_dryos: DryOS r54 and r52 fixes

(edit) @3401   3 weeks philmoz

Spanish language update from user Intel1:

(edit) @3400   3 weeks nafraf

sx510hs: 100d port, SD override #defines updated

(edit) @3399   3 weeks nafraf

a470 update: port rewritten using code_gen, CHDK loaded in ARAM, camera_set_led fixed

(edit) @3398   3 weeks srsa

finsig_dryos: preliminary DryOS r54 support, better support for some r52 cameras (sx510 ATM)

(edit) @3397   3 weeks philmoz

Add SetHPTimerAfterNow and CancelHPTimer functions to stubs_entry.S

(edit) @3396   3 weeks reyalp

usb remote cleanup from waterwingz in

(edit) @3394   4 weeks philmoz

Fix for script parameters not always being saved correctly.

(edit) @3393   4 weeks nafraf

a2300: Fix camera_set_led(), and fix code_gen.txt svn properties

(edit) @3392   4 weeks reyalp

use canon firmware semaphore for IO access, should fix startup crashes and CFG not saving on dryos - from philmoz in

(edit) @3390   4 weeks srsa

file descriptor check related fixes

(edit) @3389   4 weeks nafraf

a2200: Fix MakeAFScan address, and mute_on_zoom call. Tested using 100d

(edit) @3388   4 weeks nafraf

Fix a2200 liveview

(edit) @3387   4 weeks reyalp

correct some misinformation in changelog.txt

(edit) @3384   4 weeks reyalp

add Indonesian translation form in

(edit) @3383   4 weeks reyalp

script set_focus - clean up logic so SET_NOW always used in MF, make Lua and Ubasic consistent by removing Lua specific shooting_get_common_focus_mode check, return boolean in lua. discussion

(edit) @3382   4 weeks reyalp

remote capture - add lua usb_capture_get_target to allow script to detect timeouts

(edit) @3381   5 weeks nafraf

sx510hs port for firmware 101a

(edit) @3380   5 weeks reyalp

correct comment in shooting_get_common_focus_mode

(edit) @3379   5 weeks reyalp

document shooting_get_real_focus_mode

(edit) @3378   5 weeks nafraf

New dancing bits entry for R52 (SX510HS)

(edit) @3377   5 weeks reyalp

try always using _open / _close for dryos instead of CAM_STARTUP_CRASH_FILE_OPEN_FIX, see

(edit) @3376   6 weeks reyalp

add waterwingz mf test script, renamed to mftest, log renamed to mf_<camera>.csv

(edit) @3375   6 weeks reyalp

update ixus132_elph115 for sd override changes to fix build (no sd override methods defined)

(edit) @3374   6 weeks reyalp

don't allow sd override in servo or continuous, unless the camera is in aflock or mf

(edit) @3373   6 weeks reyalp

initial subject distance (focus) override rework from waterwingz in
This is intended to address many longstanding issues with sd override. There are significant changes from 1.2 behavior and probably bugs - please use the forum thread to report any issues

  • enables almost all cameras to override subject distance
  • adds set_mf() script function to enter MF mode, even on cameras without MF
  • set aflock property case when entering aflock
  • if in aflock, script sd override takes effect immediately like for mf
  • #defines related to sd override are simplified
(edit) @3372   6 weeks nafraf

ixus970_sd890: Simpler loader and fix capt_seq.c (capt_seq_hook_raw_here)

(edit) @3371   6 weeks philmoz

Fix RAW buffer address detection for IXUS255.

(edit) @3369   6 weeks philmoz

Auto ISO update from waterwingz:

(edit) @3368   6 weeks nafraf

ixus132_elph115 port for firmware 100b

(edit) @3366   6 weeks reyalp

ixus140_elph130 - make notes more accurately reflect shortcut behavior. Maybe.

(edit) @3365   6 weeks reyalp

ixus140_elph130 - configure video as raw / debug shortcut for
add video to shortcut button names

(edit) @3364   7 weeks philmoz

Add MFOn & MFOff functions for new set focus code.

(edit) @3363   8 weeks nafraf

a495: load CHDK in ARAM

(edit) @3362   8 weeks reyalp

a1400 - enable aram by default

(edit) @3361   2 months nafraf

ixus800_sd700: simpler loader and filewritetask support

(edit) @3360   2 months nafraf

ixus220_elph300hs update:

  • Remove KEY_PRINT alias
  • Remove unneeded spytask()
  • movie_rec.c rewritten using code_gen
(edit) @3359   2 months philmoz

Display DOF values with correct rounding, and remove unnecessary 'float' casts.

(edit) @3358   2 months nafraf

sx120is: simpler loader and filewritetask support

(edit) @3357   2 months philmoz

Fix bug with 'misc values' display introduced in revision 3326 (reported by new123456):

(edit) @3356   2 months nafraf

a1400 and a2500: Remove unneeded file stubs_asm.h

(edit) @3355   2 months srsa

a810/a1300, a3400: enable AF scan during movie recording (a810 test report:

(edit) @3353   2 months reyalp

a590 100e - fix filewrite hook / remote shoot

(edit) @3352   2 months srsa

sigfinder additions:

  • VxWorks?, DryOS: find a function that retrieves a pointer to a resource (icon, font, stringtable, dialog)
  • DryOS: find (most) LED addresses
(edit) @3351   2 months reyalp

d10 - add OPT_RUN_WITH_BATT_COVER_OPEn support

(edit) @3349   2 months philmoz

Fix A1200 zoom EFL calculation.

(edit) @3348   2 months philmoz

Use 'load_file' instead of 'fopen/fread' to load CHDK splash logo, to avoid potential startup crash.

(edit) @3346   3 months srsa

a1100: remove duplicate stub

(edit) @3345   3 months srsa

a1100: enable AF scan during video recording,

(edit) @3344   3 months philmoz

Add ability to run with battery door open on G12, G1X & SX40.
Add buildtime option to enable running with battery door open - not enabled by default.

(edit) @3343   3 months nafraf

a2500 port for firmware 100a

(edit) @3342   3 months reyalp

fix shoot hook count function

(edit) @3341   3 months srsa

ixus115_elph100hs: re-do movie_rec.c with code_gen to fix its bugs

(edit) @3340   3 months srsa

finsig_dryos: detect location of the 'battery cover switch' bit in physw_status

(edit) @3339   3 months nafraf

ixus230_elph310hs: filewritetask support

(edit) @3337   3 months philmoz

Fix Tv override in user menu when user menu set as root menu (reported by ripwink).

(edit) @3335   3 months philmoz

Fix for Tv override when used in user menu (reported by ripwink).

(edit) @3334   3 months nafraf

ixus240/elph320hs 101a/100d added to autobuild

(edit) @3333   3 months philmoz

EyeFi? updates from buttim:

(edit) @3331   3 months reyalp

ixus230_elph310hs - fix mode switching in PTP

(edit) @3330   3 months reyalp

ixus230_elph310hs - force ARAM on due to low free memory

(edit) @3329   3 months srsa

a3200, ixus115_elph100hs: make viewport functions return correct address on half-shoot

(edit) @3328   3 months msl

small correction in demo script hdr.lua

(edit) @3326   3 months msl
(edit) @3325   3 months philmoz

Update custom overrides to use IGNORE macro (IXUS115, IXUS30, IXUS40 & S80).

(edit) @3324   3 months philmoz

Update A1400 SVN properties.

(edit) @3322   3 months srsa

sx500is: update bin_compat.h for fw 100e

(edit) @3320   3 months srsa

sx500is: the 100c port is compatible with 100e cameras;

(edit) @3319   3 months philmoz

Add 'IGNORE' macro to prevent finsig from generating any stubs when using a custom firmware override function. Also allows use of OPT_FIRMWARE_PC24_CALL in these cases.

(edit) @3318   3 months philmoz

Add makefile dependency rule for capt_seq.o

(edit) @3316   3 months philmoz

Remove build expiry from S110 1.03a.

(edit) @3315   3 months philmoz

Add -fno-reorder-functions for modules to stop GCC generating code that elf2flt can't handle.

(edit) @3314   3 months nafraf

A1400 port for firmware 100b

(edit) @3312   3 months srsa

a410: address correction for GetFocusLensSubjectDistance? and GetFocusLensSubjectDistanceFromLens?

(edit) @3310   3 months srsa

ixus115_elph100 updates:

  • JPEG quality override enabled
  • improved behaviour after AF scan during movie recording
  • enable OSD when Canon shooting menu is active (CAM_SHOW_OSD_IN_SHOOT_MENU)
(edit) @3308   3 months srsa

ixus115_elph100 updates:

  • active area update for DNG (includes dark borders at wide angle)
  • CHDK custom palette implemented
  • movie mode detection fix (CAM_HAS_MOVIE_DIGEST_MODE)
  • increase RAW/DNG numbering reliability
  • ARAM configuration instead of EXMEM - JPEG quality won't suffer any more, superfine is now possible
(edit) @3306   3 months srsa

a3400 updates:

  • active area update for DNG (includes dark borders at wide angle)
  • add 'Video' button as a possible ALT button
  • assign 'Help' button to RAW toggle / shortcut button
  • add basic touchscreen support (disabled by default)
(edit) @3304   3 months philmoz

Add S110 version 1.03a.

(edit) @3303   3 months reyalp

add script function to bypass shooting_can_focus checks for sd override testing. For development only, from waterwingz in

(edit) @3302   3 months reyalp

preliminary "precision sync" code from waterwingz in
Based on work by vnd. Only enabled for a1200, additional information in

(edit) @3301   4 months reyalp

preliminary implementation of script "shoot hooks", see for discussion

(edit) @3300   4 months reyalp

remove broken PAUSE_FOR_FILE_COUNTER optimization

(edit) @3299   4 months reyalp

update PAUSE_FOR_FILE_COUNTER check to use get_target_file_num() instead of get_file_counter()

(edit) @3298   4 months reyalp

ixus140_elph130 - check in updated bin_compat.h for 100b

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