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1// camera.h
3// This file contains the default values for various settings that may change across camera models.
4// Setting values specific to each camera model can be found in the platform/XXX/platform_camera.h file for camera.
6// If adding a new settings value put a suitable default value in here, along with documentation on
7// what the setting does and how to determine the correct value.
8// If the setting should not have a default value then add it here using the '#undef' directive
9// along with appropriate documentation.
11#ifndef CAMERA_H
12#define CAMERA_H
15// Camera-dependent settings
19// Default values
22#undef  CAM_DRYOS                               // Camera is DryOS-based
23#undef  CAM_PROPSET                             // Camera's properties group (the generation)
24#undef  CAM_DRYOS_2_3_R39                       // Define for cameras with DryOS release R39 or greater
25#undef  CAM_DRYOS_2_3_R47                       // Define for cameras with DryOS release R47 or greater
27#undef  CAM_SWIVEL_SCREEN                       // Camera has rotated LCD screen
28#define CAM_USE_ZOOM_FOR_MF         1           // Zoom lever can be used for manual focus adjustments
29#undef  CAM_ADJUSTABLE_ALT_BUTTON               // ALT-button can be set from menu
30#define CAM_REMOTE                  1           // Camera supports USB-remote
31#undef  SYNCHABLE_REMOTE_NOT_ENABLED            // Disable support for synchable remote switch (in kbd.c) TODO only used by one camera ???
32#define CAM_SYNCH                   1           // Camera supports SDM precision synch
33#undef  CAM_MULTIPART                           // Camera supports SD-card multipartitioning
34#define CAM_HAS_ZOOM_LEVER          1           // Camera has dedicated zoom buttons
35#undef  CAM_DRAW_EXPOSITION                     // Output expo-pair on screen (for cameras which (sometimes) don't do that)
36#define CAM_HAS_ERASE_BUTTON        1           // Camera has dedicated erase button
37#define CAM_HAS_IRIS_DIAPHRAGM      1           // Camera has real diaphragm mechanism (
38#undef  CAM_HAS_ND_FILTER                       // Camera has build-in ND filter
39#define CAM_CAN_SD_OVER_NOT_IN_MF   1           // Camera allows subject distance (focus) override when not in manual focus mode
40#define CAM_CAN_SD_OVERRIDE         1           // Camera allows to do subject distance override
41#define CAM_HAS_MANUAL_FOCUS        1           // Camera has manual focus mode
42#define CAM_HAS_USER_TV_MODES       1           // Camera has tv-priority or manual modes with ability to set tv value
43#undef  CAM_SHOW_OSD_IN_SHOOT_MENU              // On some cameras Canon shoot menu has additional functionality and useful in this case to see CHDK OSD in this mode
44#define CAM_CAN_UNLOCK_OPTICAL_ZOOM_IN_VIDEO  1 // Camera can unlock optical zoom in video (if it is locked)
45#undef  CAM_FEATURE_FEATHER                     // Cameras with "feather" or touch wheel.
46#define CAM_HAS_IS                  1           // Camera has image stabilizer
47#undef  CAM_HAS_JOGDIAL                         // Camera has a "jog dial"
49#undef  CAM_CONSOLE_LOG_ENABLED                 // Development: internal camera stdout -> A/stdout.txt
50#define CAM_CHDK_HAS_EXT_VIDEO_MENU 1           // In CHDK for this camera realized adjustable video compression
51#undef  CAM_CAN_MUTE_MICROPHONE                 // Camera has function to mute microphone
53#define CAM_EMUL_KEYPRESS_DELAY     40          // Delay to interpret <alt>-button press as longpress
54#define CAM_EMUL_KEYPRESS_DURATION  5           // Length of keypress emulation
56#define CAM_MENU_BORDERWIDTH        30          // Defines the width of the border on each side of the CHDK menu. The CHDK menu will have this
57                                                // many pixels left blank to the on each side. Should not be less than 10 to allow room for the
58                                                // scroll bar on the right.
60#undef  CAM_DETECT_SCREEN_ERASE                 // Define this to add 'guard' pixel to the screen bitmap to help detect if the firmware has erase the screen
61                                                // If the guard pixel changes the CHDK ALT menu is forced to redraw.
62                                                // Take care not to place CHDK OSD elements over the guard pixel.
63                                                // The guard pixel is the first pixel of the top row in the screen bitmap.
65#undef  CAM_AF_SCAN_DURING_VIDEO_RECORD         // CHDK can make single AF scan during video record
66#undef  CAM_HAS_VIDEO_BUTTON                    // Camera can take stills in video mode, and vice versa
67#undef  CAM_EV_IN_VIDEO                         // CHDK can change exposure in video mode
68#define CAM_VIDEO_CONTROL           1           // pause / unpause video recordings
69#undef  CAM_VIDEO_QUALITY_ONLY                  // Override Video Bitrate is not supported
71#define ZOOM_OVERRIDE               0           // Shall zoom-override be used? default 0 becoz not implemented right now
73#undef  CAM_REAR_CURTAIN                        // Camera do not have front/rear curtain flash sync in menu
74#undef  CAM_BRACKETING                          // Cameras that have bracketing (focus & ev) in original firmware already, most likely s- & g-series (propcase for digic III not found yet!)
75#undef  CAM_EXT_TV_RANGE                        // CHDK can make exposure time longer than 64s
76#define CAM_CHDK_PTP                1           // include CHDK PTP support
78#define CAM_UNCACHED_BIT            0x10000000  // bit indicating the uncached memory
80#define CAM_MAKE                    "Canon"
81#define CAM_SENSOR_BITS_PER_PIXEL   10          // Bits per pixel. 10 is standard, 12 is supported except for curves
82#define CAM_WHITE_LEVEL             ((1<<CAM_SENSOR_BITS_PER_PIXEL)-1)      // 10bpp = 1023 ((1<<10)-1), 12bpp = 4095 ((1<<12)-1)
83#define CAM_BLACK_LEVEL             ((1<<(CAM_SENSOR_BITS_PER_PIXEL-5))-1)  // 10bpp = 31 ((1<<5)-1),    12bpp = 127 ((1<<7)-1)
85#define CAM_BITMAP_PALETTE          1           // which color set is used for this camera
87#undef CAM_HAS_VARIABLE_ASPECT                  // can switch between 16:9 and 4:3
89// by nandoide sept-2009
90// zebra adjust buffer height: show use at sx200is: needed for save memory space
91#define ZEBRA_HMARGIN0              0
93// aspect corrections
94#define CAM_USES_ASPECT_CORRECTION  0           // if true, camera uses a modified graphics primitives to draw with exact display aspect-ratio.
95                                                // Could slow the graphics output (but not perceived on sx200is), but adds rectangle drawing optimizations to compensate.
96                                                // To extend to other cameras see sx200is camera.h comments in  and comments on core gui_draw.c
99// menu, alt (default)
100#define ASPECT_XCORRECTION(x)  ( ((x)<<1) )     // see comments on 200is
101#define ASPECT_YCORRECTION(y)  ( (y) )          // no correction the same for coordinate y. I think there are no cameras actually needing both corrections.
102// viewport, defaults used if there is no aspect correction
103#define ASPECT_VIEWPORT_XCORRECTION(x) ( (x) )  // see comments on 200is
104#define ASPECT_VIEWPORT_YCORRECTION(y) ( (y) )  // no correction
106#define EDGE_HMARGIN                0           // define sup and inf screen margins on edge overlay without overlay.  Necessary to save memory buffer space. sx200is needs values other than 0
107// end of section by nandoid
109#undef CAM_QUALITY_OVERRIDE                     // define this in platform_camera.h to enable 'Super Fine' JPEG compression mode
110                                                // used to allow super fine JPEG option on cameras where this has been removed
111                                                // from the Canon menu. Note: may not actually work on all cameras.
113#undef CAM_ZEBRA_ASPECT_ADJUST                  // zebra needs to account for real bitmap size being different from what lib.c reports
114                                                // also used by some cameras with normal bitmap layouts for memory saving ?
115#undef CAM_ZEBRA_NOBUF                          // zebra draws directly on bitmap buffer. Requires above as well
117#undef CAM_DATE_FOLDER_NAMING                   // set if camera uses date based folder naming (Option "Create Folder" in Canon Menu) and get_target_dir_name is implemented
119#undef CAM_KEY_CLICK_DELAY                      // additional delay between press and release for scripted click
120#define CAM_KEY_PRESS_DELAY         20          // delay after a press - TODO can we combine this with above ?
121#define CAM_KEY_RELEASE_DELAY       20          // delay after a release - TODO do we really need to wait after release ?
123#undef  CAM_DATE_FOLDER_NAMING                  // Camera uses date for naming image folders
125#undef  CAM_STARTUP_CRASH_FILE_OPEN_FIX         // enable fix for camera intermittently crash at startup when opening the conf / font files
126                                                // Some cameras throw "ASSERT!! FsIoNotify.c Line xxx    Task name: SpyTask" in ROMLOG
127                                                // see
129// RAW & DNG related values
130#define DNG_SUPPORT                 1           // Camera supports DNG format for saving of RAW images
131#define DEFAULT_RAW_EXT             1           // extension to use for raw (see raw_exts in conf.c)
132#undef  CAM_RAW_ROWPIX                          // Number of pixels in RAW row (physical size of the sensor Note : as of July 2011, this value can be found in stub_entry.S for dryos cameras)
133#undef  CAM_RAW_ROWS                            // Number of rows in RAW (physical size of the sensor       Note : as of July 2011, this value can be found in stub_entry.S for dryos cameras)
134#undef  CAM_JPEG_WIDTH                          // Default crop size (width) stored in DNG (to match camera JPEG size. From dimensions of the largest size jpeg your camera produces)
135#undef  CAM_JPEG_HEIGHT                         // Default crop size (height) stored in DNG (to match camera JPEG size. From dimensions of the largest size jpeg your camera produces)
136#undef  CAM_ACTIVE_AREA_X1                      // Define usable area of the sensor - needs to be divisible by 4 - calibrate using a CHDK RAW image converted with rawconvert.exe (eg :rawconvert -12to8 -pgm -w=4480 -h=3348 photo.crw photo.pgm)
137#undef  CAM_ACTIVE_AREA_Y1                      // Define usable area of the sensor - needs to be divisible by 2 - "
138#undef  CAM_ACTIVE_AREA_X2                      // Define usable area of the sensor - needs to be divisible by 4 - "
139#undef  CAM_ACTIVE_AREA_Y2                      // Define usable area of the sensor - needs to be divisible by 2 = "
140#undef  cam_CFAPattern                          // Camera Bayer sensor data layout (DNG colors are messed up if not correct - should be either 0x01000201 = [Green Blue Red Green]  or 0x02010100 = [Red  Green  Green  Blue]
141#undef  CAM_COLORMATRIX1                        // DNG color profile matrix
142#undef  cam_CalibrationIlluminant1              // DNG color profile illuminant - set it to 17 for standard light A
143#undef  CAM_DNG_EXPOSURE_BIAS                   // Specify DNG exposure bias value (to override default of -0.5 in the dng.c code)
144#undef  DNG_EXT_FROM                            // Extension in the cameras known extensions to replace with .DNG to allow DNG
145                                                // files to be transfered over standard PTP. Only applicable to older cameras
146#undef  DNG_VERT_RLE_BADPIXELS                  // Enable vertical run length compression of badpixel data for DNG
147                                                // IXUS 310 HS bad pixels tend to be grouped into vertical lines of 1-4 pixels
148                                                // This reduces the file size by approx 45%
150// Games definitions
151#define GAMES_SCREEN_WIDTH            360        // Logical screen width for games
152#define GAMES_SCREEN_HEIGHT            240       // Logical screen height for games
153#define ASPECT_GAMES_XCORRECTION(x)    ((x)<<1)  // Aspect ratio correction for games. Default for games is 360x240 logical screen. Physical camera screen is
154#define ASPECT_GAMES_YCORRECTION(y)    (y)       // 720x240 so x*2 needed for X axis correction, no correction for Y.
156// Grid definitions
157#define ASPECT_GRID_XCORRECTION(x)    (x)        // Aspect ratio correction for grids. Grids are designed on a 360x240 logical screen size which matches the
158#define ASPECT_GRID_YCORRECTION(y)    (y)        // default CHDK logical screen size so no correction needed.
160#undef  PARAM_CAMERA_NAME                        // parameter number for GetParameterData to get camera name
163#undef  CAM_FIRMWARE_MEMINFO                     // Use 'GetMemInfo' (dryos) or 'memPartInfoGet'/'memPartFindMax' (vxworks)
164                                                 // function in firmware to get free memory details
165                                                 // GetMemInfo should be found correctly by the gensig/finsig signature
166                                                 // finder for all dryos based cameras.
168#undef CAM_NO_MEMPARTINFO                        // VXWORKS camera does not have memPartInfoGet, fall back to memPartFindMax
171#undef CAM_DRIVE_MODE_FROM_TIMER_MODE            // use PROPCASE_TIMER_MODE to check for multiple shot custom timer.
172                                                 // Used to enabled bracketing in custom timer, required on many recent cameras
173                                                 // see,3994.405.html
175#undef CAM_AV_OVERRIDE_IRIS_FIX                  // for cameras that require _MoveIrisWithAv function to override Av (for bracketing).
177#undef CAM_DISABLE_RAW_IN_LOW_LIGHT_MODE         // For cameras with 'low light' mode that does now work with raw define this
180// Override Default values for Camera if necessary
183// Include the settings file for the camera model currently being compiled.
184#include "platform_camera.h"
187// END of Camera-dependent settings
191// curves only work in 10bpp for now
193#undef OPT_CURVES
196#ifndef OPT_PTP
197#undef CAM_CHDK_PTP
200#endif /* CAMERA_H */
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