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1Detailed change history is available from the trac page
3Unstable development branch
6Current stable, released July 30 2013. The following major features were implemented for 1.2.
7* intermittent Lua crashing bug fixed (finally. Also backported to 1.1)
8* Improved UI - discussion thread
9** menu items renamed and sometimes moved for clarity
10** input of numeric values simplified
11** the "Disable Overrides" menu item is now understandable
12** Tv override input value can be in Ev step,  seconds or HHMMSS format
13* Remote capture over USB
14* Improved DNG performance, now very close to framebuffer raw
15* Support raw operations on DNG
16* Improved memory usage by moving more code to modules
17* Fast integer based trigonometric functions for Lua
18* new editor for User Menu
19* scripts can be added to the User Menu
20* menu option to enable Lua native calls
21* menu option to disable keyboard shortcuts
22* improve console mode with menu options to extend the visibility time of console or review (scroll back) console output
23* loadable palette values allow a better range of colors in the UI  (not implemented on all cameras)
24* auto operation of internal / external flash enabled when other exposure values are in "M" mode
25* enhanced UI for script parameters :  @value allows use of named input values rather than just numeric
26* scripts can be set to always use the default parameter values in the code rather than stored parameters
27* ISO input for override, bracketing and auto-ISO now use approximately the same units as Canon UI ("market" ISO)
28* addition of an annoying "help" window that continuously pops up in <ALT> mode until you figure out how to disable it from the CHDK menu
31Obsolete, released July 25 2012. Major features added in this release include
32* Loadable binary modules
33* Re-write of USB remote code
34* "Live view" over the CHDK PTP Extension
35* Integration of chdkde features (actually got added to previous stable too)
38Previous stable, no further changes. Released Feb 2012.
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